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Strongest of each universe

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Universe 4: I’ve have my thoughs to Majora but it appears Ganos is the strongest warrior of U4 and the prominent rival to Master Roshi in the next episode. The birds-foots spy would be the great surprise in episode 105.

Universe 3: I think Papparoni is the strongest warrior of U3. The kaioshin Ea says before about Niggrishi is the strongest warrior of U3 but was easly defeated by base form Cabbe.

Universe 2: Is obviously Ribrianne is the strongest warrior of U2 captable to break Android 17 shield with a body slam and fights him without any problem.

Universe 10: Obuni is the strongest warrior of Gowasu universe. Many thougs abot Murichim but Obuni is captable to fight Ultimate Gohan.

August 25, 2017
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